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If You Believe...

Icons, graphics and Fanfics oh my!

Welcome to Cali
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Icons, graphics, and fanfictions oh my!
My GFX & Writing made by me, ❝ℂ∂ℒⅈ в∂вℓ ω√ ❞
In this community you'll find tons of icons upon icons. Maybe even wallpapers, banners, and even possibly writing that I get done.

Credit for this Profile Code: milou-veronica

Fanfiction.net:Cloudy Flower // Youtube // dA


•⊱ R U L E S ⊰•
»remember to credit CalibabeWV or CaliWV if taking«
»comments are appreciated, they keep me going.«
»don't claim as your own, please. It's not cool.«
»no hotlinking or altering, please.«
»be sure to ω ∂ τ ℂ ℎ «

℘.s. ⅈ ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ

•⊱ I N F O ⊰•
»Joining is closed for now«
»Wanna join in on posting icons in my Community? ✉ me I'll think about it«
»Have a question? message me✉«
»Follow the ✄ to get more icons «
»Follow the ✄ to get to the fanfictions«

•⊱ C R E D I T S ⊰•

Credit for the STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL layout goes to: Fruitstyle designs

Profile by Fruitstyle | FanFiction.net | Youtube | deviantART